Iran History

10 Days

Day 1: Arrival in Iran

Today you arrive in Shiras airport where your guide is waiting for you. After arrival you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 2: Persepolis

Today we start with the one of the highlights of our trip. Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of Achaemenid dynasty. The city which is founded by one the king of Achaemenid 2500 years ago. Here you see the palaces of the king Darius, Artaxerex and the palace of Apadana. Your guide will explain you about this magnificent place of that time. After that you drive about 10 minutes and reach the Acropolis, Naghshe Rostam, the graves of four kings of the ancient time. 120 km, B, D. Overnight in Shiras.

Day 3: Shiraz

In the city of Roses and night angels, you visit the tombs of two most famous Iranian poets, Hafiz and Saadi. The beautiful Eram garden, which is famous as Paradise Garden and visiting the historical Bazar of Shiraz with its unique architecture make the end of our day. B, D. Overnight in Shiras

Day 4: Shiras to Yazd

 Travel from Shiraz to Yazd through Zagros Mountain and a pass of 2700m is something special.

On way you will visit the grave of the founder of Achemandi dynasty, Cyrus the great in Pasargad. B.D. Overnight in Yazd. 500km

Day 5: Yazd to Isfahan

Yazd is the capital of a province with same name, besides the salt desert with very hot summer. The architecture of the old town show you how it is compatible with this kind of climate. The followers of one the oldest religion in the word live in this city, Zoroastrian. Here you visit a fire temple and tower of silence and learn a lot about this peaceful religion.

After that you leave the city towards Isfahan, on the way in the city of Iranian carpets, Naeen, you visit the oldest mosque in your trip, Friday mosque. B. D. Overnight in Isfahan. 380km

Day 6: Isfahan, Half of the World

In the 17th century Isfahan was so beautiful that got the nick name, Half of the World.

Today you will see yourself, why. Imam mosque, Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and Forty column Place are among the answers.

The northern and southern part of the city are connected together with two historical bridges, Khajoo and Si o Se Pol, over the river, Zayand rud. B. D., Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 7: Isfahan

 Today you will see the Vank church in the Armenian district, New Julfa. Friday mosque of Isfahan is also in you program. This Afternoon you have your free time to explore the City yourself. B. D., Overnight in Isfahan. B. D., Overnight in Isfehan

Day 8: Isfahan to Tehran

On the way to Tehran you visit a historical house from 19th century in Kashan, Tabatabaee House. You will get familiar with Shiite belief in the holy City of Qom, when you visit the Shrine of Fatima, the Sister of the eighth Imam of Shiites. By clear weather you can see the pick of Damavand the highest mountain in Iran, 5770m. B. D., Overnight in Tehran. 440km

Day 9: Tehran

12 million people live here in the capital. In the northern part of the city, where rich people live, the summer palace of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, the king of Iran before Islamic revolution is located,

Jewelry Museum is a must to see.  And over the Milad tower you have a great view of this metropolis. B. D., Overnight in Tehran

Day 10: Goodbye Iran

It is the time to say goodbye and you will be transferred to the Imam Khomeini airport to fly back home.